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Terms & Conditions

I am sure you all realise how expensive and exhausting it is to organise such high quality educational courses. For this reason it is essential that we have a cancellation policy to protect ourselves against expenses that we have already incurred. We are really sorry that we have to have one but I am sure you understand. The policy is listed below and if you have any questions about it don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer these beforehand.

Before booking onto our course, please ensure you have read the course content to ensure you are able to attend for the entirety of the course and that it meets your training needs.

Please also ensure that you have read The Campbell Academy course cancellation policy (shown below) and are aware that by booking onto our course you have acknowledged and agreed to our cancellation policy.

All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to info@campbellacademy.co.uk

Applicable Refunds for all other Live skills and Master Class courses:

Notice before the start date of the course Refund Applicable
9 weeks + 100%
6 to 9 weeks 50%
0 to 6 weeks 0%
Failure to attend without notice 0%

Applicable Refunds for Sinus Grafting Live Skills Course:

Notice before the start date of the course Refund Applicable
12 weeks + 100%
9 to 12 weeks 50%
0 to 9 weeks 0%
Failure to attend without notice 0%

Financing course provisions including accommodation and travel are the responsibility of the delegate. However, if you would like assistance in finding local hotels we would be happy to recommend some.

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The Campbell Academy is the standard of dental training you have been looking for.

Built on a philosophy of educational excellence and ethical evidence based dentistry, Campbell Academy delegates will have unrivalled teaching in a variety of subjects helping them achieve excellence in their professional lives.

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Live Skills Courses

At The Campbell Academy our Live Skills Courses give delegates the opportunity to experience new techniques, often for the first time.

Under the close supervision of our tutors, delegates are given hands on experience, often on live patients, allowing them to ‘dip their toe’ in a new aspect of dentistry.

Have a look at our feedback section to see what past delegates thought of our live skills courses.

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Master Class Courses

The Campbell Academy is delighted to be able to attract the very best speakers from around the world to share their unrivalled knowledge to our faculty.

This year we have renowned speakers from Switzerland and USA and hope you will join us for, what promises to be, truly excellent Master Classes.

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ITI Study Clubs

As part of our commitment to being the very best in dental education, all of the Campbell Academy faculty are members of the International Team of Implantology

One of the benefits of membership is access to nationwide Study Clubs.

In Nottingham, Colin and Andy head up one of the most popular ITI Study Clubs in the UK. Every year we have study clubs presented by local, national and international speakers. They are free to ITI members but non-members are welcome to try out the Study Clubs before committing to membership.

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The Year Implant Course

We have a philosophy in implant dentistry where we feel that people beginning to train in the discipline must undertake a five-year project to become capable, competent and ethical practitioners, leading to a situation where they are able to place a minimum of fifty implants a year.

The Year Implant Course has been designed entirely with this in mind, with an education faculty of exceptional quality together with hands-on, practical and delegate surgery on patients that they have selected and planned themselves. Following on from this, delegates will be introduced to The Straumann Clinical Mentoring Scheme in association with The Campbell Academy in order to be able to continue to facilitate their development in implant dentistry.

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